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    Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer

    As an  Apple Certified Logic Master Pro and an Apple Certified Logic Trainer, Vic Ricigliano has achieved the highest Apple Logic Pro distinctions.

    With over 25 years music software experience, Vic Ricigliano is uniquely placed as the ideal music technology educator.

    It was in 1990 that Vic was first introduced to MIDI (Multi Instrument Digital Interface) technology via his much loved Ensoniq workstation.

    In early 1991, Vic discovered a programme called Emagic Notator, which allowed amongst other things, the score notation of a midi performance.

    That was it, Vic was hooked.

    Emagic Notator then became Logic and has now been acquired by Apple Computers .

    The name and the programme itself has undergone many additions and improvements to make one of the leading Digital Audio Workstations today.

    It is now named Apple Logic Pro X.

    Vic can provide Apple GarageBand tuition and Vic’s extremely popular own personalised Logic Pro Music Technology courses.

    "I instruct with a "real world" approach whereby i take all the information contained in the user manual and show each student how and more importantly when to most effectively use this information.Music creation should always be fun and informative."

    It's amazing how many overly expensive"boutique style" courses have sprung up lately promising "real world logic pro tuition" conducted in a very "unreal" elite studio setting with 100's of knobs and faders and buttons, that do nothing but distract and confuse students.These"boutique style" courses also contain large class sizes of up to 10 students.With so many distractions and large class sizes,students spend more time waiting to have a question answered,than actually learning the Logic programme itself.

    That's no way to learn.

    Song Surgery provides Logic Pro training in a REAL "real world atmosphere"consisting of an Apple computer,audio interface,Logic Pro software and with no more than 3 students per class.It's the 21st century and that's now the "real world".

    Song Surgery is unique in promising that all lessons will inform, simplify and entertain students or your money back, guaranteed.

     Song Surgery, "make music technology, simple".  Guaranteed



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