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    Apple Certified Logic Pro 9 Training

    I feel that the way Vic presented  the course tailored to my needs perfectly and  Vic's musical and in depth knowledge of the program way exceeded my expectations.

    It's definitely going benefit me when producing my next album.

    I also think that by having additional one on one tuition in a studio environment helped me to focus and concentrate.

    I would not hesitate to come to Song Surgery and undertake another course in Logic Pro 9. 

    I highly recommend Vic as an Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer

    Danny Flex - Groove Project





    Thanks again for a fab day!

    "The beginners course with Vic Ricigliano was spot on.He covered everything in Logic 9 at a basic level with precision and was patient and helpful when I had questions.

    He taught me how to make any loop fit any musical style by using all the really cool pitch and time tools within Logic 9.His musical knowledge is mind boggling.

    I look forward to taking further courses with Vic. He was not only professional, but also enthusiastic and friendly."When i think about how much was covered in only 4 hours,I don't believe there is a better Logic Pro 9 trainer in Australia"

    Greg Boladian - Australian DJ


     Andre Kaman                 

    I recently upgraded my Logic 8 to Logic 9 and began experiencing some problems with my midi devices. I had experienced these same problems before and had a technician out to fix them, only to have them arise again. I found out about Vic Ricigliano and decided to employ his expertise, to help fix this problem. Not only did he fix it, but also explained in detail, what he had done and how I could fix other problems if they came up again. He also helped connect other devices that I was unsure would work well with Logic 9. He explained everything in detail and at no stage did I feel like he didn't know what he was doing, unlike some of the so called "Apple Genius' " in Apple stores. He was very helpful and is extremely knowledgeable about Apple Mac and Logic, I have already recommended him to my friends and will definitely take one of his courses in Logic 9 training. He was worth every cent spent.
    Now I can go forth and produce my music with ease.
    Thanx Vic
    Andre Kaman


    DJ Camille      

    Hi Vic,

    Many thanks for your "advanced mixing with logic 9 course" and training, I found it to be very useful.

    I gained some great knowledge, and learnt some fantastic techniques that I am already using on the tracks I am writing.

    Your teaching was very easy to understand, and all my questions about logic were answered.

    You made learning logic fun and enjoyable, and I would definetely recommend your course to others, thank you!

    Kindest Regards,








    We are happy to say that when doing the course, we learn't that in wish we set out to learn. Vic was a great teacher, showing plenty of professionalism and making sure the procedures were carried out correctly. Strict on terminology and showing us more efficient and convenient ways of doing things, we certainly appreciated him as a teacher. Having a wealth of experience behind him he certainly has the knowledge in music and production.
    Studio was great set up, lessons were good and equipment was all modern and up to date. Would certainly recommend others to do the course. Gave us a great grounding and basic foundation on the capabilities on logic studio.
    Andrea Sartori 


    DJ Nino Brown


     Nino Brown is regarded as Australia's #1 Urban DJ and has released over 10 gold selling Albums as well as 3 Platinum selling albums.

    "When ever i have any technical issues, problems or glitches and i need advice or just need it fixed I call Vic.

    Being a perfectionist by nature, i am very hard to please professionally.Vic answered every technical question i put to him.

    Vic is the most knowedgable Apple Master Pro, Trainer in Australia, period.His understanding and explanation of Logic Studio software is brilliant.

    I highly recommend Vic to all Apple users".

    DJ Nino Brown

    Australia's #1 Urban Music DJ


    "Australia's Best Apple Logic Pro 9 course"

    When it comes to cutting down the learning curve of todays advanced DAW's, Vic is your one stop shop.

    I particularly liked the fact that we ran the sessions from inside the Logic Pro based Song Surgery studio, it made for a more enjoyable experience.

    The methods that Vic teaches are very sound and if you ask a specific question, Vic won't just answer it, he'll show you exactly how that particular technique is achieved.

    Vic's wealth of knowledge really comes across in his teachings and the whole time i was there,it was always interesting and fun

    I'm glad i made the trip to Sydney from Melbourne. It was definitely time and money well spent.

    I learnt more about Logic Pro in this course than all other courses combined.

    If you want to improve your skills to make better records and Vic and book a place in one of his courses.This guy knows and teaches Logic Pro better than anyone else, no doubt.

     Thanks Vic,
    Serge De Zario


    Apo Malo

    Vic Ricigliano, was my trainer for logic pro 9. I found both sessions to be a great experience in learning Logic and gaining real world experience from my trainer. The environment was quiet and appropriate for learning. The course itself was good, too. It helped to equip me to further my understanding in the software and how to further my musicianship as a whole. Vic was able to answer all my questions thoroughly and creatively- occasionally using illustrations to enhance a point. He also drew from his many years of experience in both Logic and in the music industry, which was nothing short of invaluable.

    Vic was a very relatable trainer and constantly drew each of the lessons to an application which made the course much more interactive and relevant. My only suggestion is that the course go for three weeks rather than two days, as it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

     Thanks for the lessons. I was very much inspired and learnt heaps.



    Chantelle Perreau

    '"From the moment I walked into Song Surgery, Vic's professionalism, dedication and quality have been above and beyond in every aspect! He has put 110% into everything we've done and the results are always fantastic high-end productions. I am always amazed at Vic's multitalented ability to play so many instruments and come up with incredibly catchy songs. He is there every step of the way from the idea of a song to the CD release. For me as a singer he has gone beyond the role of a producer to a mentor who has moulded me into the recording artist that I want to be!

    I couldn't ask for anymore in a producer.Vic is a true gem for any musician!'"



    Leigh McRae                                                                           

    ''It is my pleasure to recommend Vic Ricigliano and the Song Surgery facilities. I have known Vic for more then 12 years and in this time I have sent many artists to him.

    Vic has the unique ability to get the Artist to make a decision as to the direction they need to pursue. He does this accompanied by his vast musical talents,song writing and production skills,but most importantly his honesty to the artist and the project.

    I have always admired his ability to draw out the creative aspects of an artist and furthermore encourage and support their growth and confidence. In short if you have a project and you are looking for professional advice,encouragement and creativity...look no more.

    Song Surgery is the answer''
    Leigh McRae (Director Vocal Studies Vocalmastery)



    “As an evolving Dance Remixer/Producer and Audio Engineer, I believe Vic’s wisdom and knowledge of all  things musical are directly related to where I stand today.

    From the get go Vic has been a mentor, a thinker outside the box who can take the smallest musical idea and turn it into a creative masterpiece.These are just some of the very attributes that Song Surgery provide.Vic’s ingenuity inside the recording studio and outside into the real world will see any performer/artist bring out their very best.

    Anyone who is looking to evolve in this music industry must feel the Song Surgery experience.

    They will appreciate the choice for many years to come


     Dance & Club Remix Productions


    Oscar Gaona

    "Knowing Vic for over 15 years has been both a personal and professional pleasure. Musically Vic is on par with any of the top arranger/producers this country has to offer.

    His multi-instrumental skills and natural ability to hear & feel music is a talent all on it’s own. But what sets Vic apart from most producers is his technical & engineering abilities, which is a rare and incredibly useful talent to have on any production team. This is why Vic is a major asset to anyone in need of a world class musician or producer that delivers 120% every time with an incredible attention to detail."

    Oscar Gaona

    Senior Mastering Engineer

    Studios 301 Sydney, Australia.