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Operating Theatre

At Song Surgery we like to think of our control rooms as Operating Theatres.

Our Tools of trade list is constantly evolving but here is a general list.If you have a specific product or service query just email us with your request.

Song Surgery Tools

32 ch Soundcraft Ghost Analog Console with Automation          

Apogee DA Convertors

Apogee AD Convertors

Extensive List of Outboard Mic pre's, Compressors And Eq's

Ribbon Microphones

Condenser Microphones

Dynamic Microphones 

Synths, Keyboards, Yamaha Drum Trigger Kit, Percussion etc etc

Acoustic Guitars / Steel ------------ 3 and counting

Acoustic Guitars / Nylon ------------ 3 and counting

Electric Guitars  ------------- 4 and counting

Bass Guitars ---------------- 5 and counting

Guitar Amp Simulators

Bass Amp Simulators

Alesis ADAT XT

Logic Pro X

ProTools 11

East West Play

Vienna Library


Extensive list of Plugins including Waves, UAD, Motu, Neve, SSL

Extensive list of Software Synths including Arturia, BFD,Spectrasonics, Native Instruments

Tannoy studio monitors

Event studio monitors

JBL studio monitors

Roland midi sound modules

Korg midi sound modules

EMU midi sound modules

Novation Drumstation